Monday, 9 May 2011

Since it's cooperating

Since the computer seems to be cooperating, for now, here goes another post.

Taken still in March before the cold and rain wave arrived. Otherwise I couldn’t use this dress. It’s not exactly appropriate for summer, but won’t do with a lot of cold either.
I really like this dress a lot and I’ve been using it a lot lately, since now  and then we have a bit Spring taste for a few days before the cold and the rain decide to return. It’s May and it becomes boring! We even had snow last week,!!! It’s not normal to snow in winter around here, so imagine snowing in May for a couple of minutes. It would be cool if it were January or February! NOT IN MAY!!!!!!!

So sorry, back to the outfit:
  • The white hair band from Stradivarius
  • My beautiful lace dress(which you will see better when I use it without coats) bought at a boutique in the neighbourhood; have no idea what the brand is, since they stitch the tag from the store
  • My adorable 20 euro yellow jacket from the Chinese store
  • The white Calzedonia tights and
  • My hippie boots from C&A
  • The sunglasses are by Cortefiel, a Spanish brand I believe.
Well I think that’s all for today. The sun is very hot now and tomorrow and Wednesday they predict a lot of heat (again not normal), which translates into rain and more could the days after!!
Damn weather!!!!


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  1. it snowed there? last year it snowed here in april, it was freaky!