Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Signs and more rambling

I’ve been fighting with facial treatments for a very long time, as I believe I’ve told you before. And then I found Occitane and things were a bit better. In the meantime I tried the BB cream and loved it, but I’s not a facial cream, it’s make up and the sheet I’ve tried mask become expensive to use one every single day in the morning before leaving the house. My cream has ended about a month ago but I had one at home and since it’s expensive I tried it. It’s made with snail slime, “Baba de Caracol” is the name!!! I know !!! It’s really not so bad and has UV protection. I bought it last year for about 12 euro. However, I was used to feel my skin like silk! Soft, so soft! And this one doesn’t do that and it doesn’t seem to hydrate my skin that well! Never forget, even and oily face needs hydration!!!!!

So today after buying the little table, I decided to go the L’OCCITANE store to see the price of the cream. I was lucky again, I guess. The cream was half the price (only 20 euro) because it’s going to be replaced with a new line that has the exact same purpose and is a bit friendlier on your wallet! So I got a new stock that usually last for more than half a year at a very sweet price!!! I’ve tried to look for other products but also spending money on things that in they don’t work also becomes pricey. I really don’t like to be a brand fanatic person, but this cream just works so well for my skin!!! And considering I spent a bit more than 20 euro on a facial lotion that never arrived, I just could not resist!
Oh! And I got a sample from the new line!!!


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