Saturday, 21 May 2011

My computer history

Bought a new computer so hopefully I will be able to update my blog more often as well as my dear Poupée.
Before, a little bit of history regarding my computers. The one I used for the internet was a laptop, notebook, whatever from Acer. Since I’m constantly running between Lisbon and Cascais, this option seemed appropriate. I’ve always had bad experiences with everything from mobile phones to computers, they never work the way they should. I usually read a lot and try to find out about other people’s experiences if the products are good or not. I know opinions differ and people are not alike, but there are certain basic characteristics than “everyone agrees or not”. So there I go to the store to buy the supposedly “good product”. The n discontent arrives and sometimes anger takes place: it doesn’t work properly!!!!
In the end, bad luck seems to accompany me (on this specific matter). Knowing this I searched for a very basic and cheap laptop, notebook, whatever. I lasted almost 3 years. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but I really hoped to have it for 5. It’s literally good to throw it into the trashcan. Reason why I haven’t been able to post much here and haven’t been able to take care of poupée.
Now I have bought a new computer to stay put here is Cascais (have another one is Lisbon for a couple of years already, not connected to the internet). It’s an HP All-in-One 200 series. Still getting used to it since yesterday but looks like it’s cooperating with me and some cute fun stuff. Again, this was at a very good price (I’m not rich) but my hopes are high. It was the last one at the store.
Now in Lisbon I will be using my old VAIO for the internet. So from now on, I will resume normal activity!!! JUST WHISH ME LUCK WITH MY NEW BABY COMPUTER!!!

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