Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I’m not the one to give in to stereotypes, but I’ve had a lot troubles ever since I started driving because my grandfather unfortunately cannot.
BLONDS!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!! I’ve had blond hair for more than two years!
They have almost killed several times. I’ve been so lucky now that I think about all the times they almost caused me car crashes!!!! It’s always those SNOBBISH BLONDS!!!! Today one almost ran over my grandfather while he was carrying a bit of a heavy box ON THE CROSSWALK!!!! I’m still shaking, everyone makes mistakes, but she went right through him and didn’t even bothered to apologize! I ran towards her, when she parked the car and gave a her a little piece if my mind. Do you think she apologized then? NO, she actually had the nerve to say this “before you start screaming, I didn’t see him crossing!” I really should have slapped her across her face!!! I had the chance to do the same thing she did to my grandfather, but I didn’t, instead I just let her cross the proper way and then screamed “this is what yours supposed to do”. I still think I should have made suffer a little!!! DAMN THOSE SNOBBISH BLONDS FROM CASCAIS!!!!
But we made it safe and sound and arrived home to see if the little table was appropriate for what I needed and it is!


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