Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Signs and more rambling

I’ve been fighting with facial treatments for a very long time, as I believe I’ve told you before. And then I found Occitane and things were a bit better. In the meantime I tried the BB cream and loved it, but I’s not a facial cream, it’s make up and the sheet I’ve tried mask become expensive to use one every single day in the morning before leaving the house. My cream has ended about a month ago but I had one at home and since it’s expensive I tried it. It’s made with snail slime, “Baba de Caracol” is the name!!! I know !!! It’s really not so bad and has UV protection. I bought it last year for about 12 euro. However, I was used to feel my skin like silk! Soft, so soft! And this one doesn’t do that and it doesn’t seem to hydrate my skin that well! Never forget, even and oily face needs hydration!!!!!

So today after buying the little table, I decided to go the L’OCCITANE store to see the price of the cream. I was lucky again, I guess. The cream was half the price (only 20 euro) because it’s going to be replaced with a new line that has the exact same purpose and is a bit friendlier on your wallet! So I got a new stock that usually last for more than half a year at a very sweet price!!! I’ve tried to look for other products but also spending money on things that in they don’t work also becomes pricey. I really don’t like to be a brand fanatic person, but this cream just works so well for my skin!!! And considering I spent a bit more than 20 euro on a facial lotion that never arrived, I just could not resist!
Oh! And I got a sample from the new line!!!



I’m not the one to give in to stereotypes, but I’ve had a lot troubles ever since I started driving because my grandfather unfortunately cannot.
BLONDS!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!! I’ve had blond hair for more than two years!
They have almost killed several times. I’ve been so lucky now that I think about all the times they almost caused me car crashes!!!! It’s always those SNOBBISH BLONDS!!!! Today one almost ran over my grandfather while he was carrying a bit of a heavy box ON THE CROSSWALK!!!! I’m still shaking, everyone makes mistakes, but she went right through him and didn’t even bothered to apologize! I ran towards her, when she parked the car and gave a her a little piece if my mind. Do you think she apologized then? NO, she actually had the nerve to say this “before you start screaming, I didn’t see him crossing!” I really should have slapped her across her face!!! I had the chance to do the same thing she did to my grandfather, but I didn’t, instead I just let her cross the proper way and then screamed “this is what yours supposed to do”. I still think I should have made suffer a little!!! DAMN THOSE SNOBBISH BLONDS FROM CASCAIS!!!!
But we made it safe and sound and arrived home to see if the little table was appropriate for what I needed and it is!


Saturday, 21 May 2011

March clothes complete

Still pictures from March!!!

Very different from what I usually wear I guess. Looking at my hair I can understand that it was not a very good day because I wear my hair tied up very RARELY.

  • My dress that cannot be seen, black with pink clouds  and two pockets at the front.
  • Black warm tights from Calzedonia
  • My adored and very cool DIESEL sneakers bought on sale
  • Coat by Bershka, warm, comfortable and very cute.
I believe I was also very upset because of the weather…


My computer history

Bought a new computer so hopefully I will be able to update my blog more often as well as my dear Poupée.
Before, a little bit of history regarding my computers. The one I used for the internet was a laptop, notebook, whatever from Acer. Since I’m constantly running between Lisbon and Cascais, this option seemed appropriate. I’ve always had bad experiences with everything from mobile phones to computers, they never work the way they should. I usually read a lot and try to find out about other people’s experiences if the products are good or not. I know opinions differ and people are not alike, but there are certain basic characteristics than “everyone agrees or not”. So there I go to the store to buy the supposedly “good product”. The n discontent arrives and sometimes anger takes place: it doesn’t work properly!!!!
In the end, bad luck seems to accompany me (on this specific matter). Knowing this I searched for a very basic and cheap laptop, notebook, whatever. I lasted almost 3 years. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but I really hoped to have it for 5. It’s literally good to throw it into the trashcan. Reason why I haven’t been able to post much here and haven’t been able to take care of poupée.
Now I have bought a new computer to stay put here is Cascais (have another one is Lisbon for a couple of years already, not connected to the internet). It’s an HP All-in-One 200 series. Still getting used to it since yesterday but looks like it’s cooperating with me and some cute fun stuff. Again, this was at a very good price (I’m not rich) but my hopes are high. It was the last one at the store.
Now in Lisbon I will be using my old VAIO for the internet. So from now on, I will resume normal activity!!! JUST WHISH ME LUCK WITH MY NEW BABY COMPUTER!!!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Since it's cooperating

Since the computer seems to be cooperating, for now, here goes another post.

Taken still in March before the cold and rain wave arrived. Otherwise I couldn’t use this dress. It’s not exactly appropriate for summer, but won’t do with a lot of cold either.
I really like this dress a lot and I’ve been using it a lot lately, since now  and then we have a bit Spring taste for a few days before the cold and the rain decide to return. It’s May and it becomes boring! We even had snow last week,!!! It’s not normal to snow in winter around here, so imagine snowing in May for a couple of minutes. It would be cool if it were January or February! NOT IN MAY!!!!!!!

So sorry, back to the outfit:
  • The white hair band from Stradivarius
  • My beautiful lace dress(which you will see better when I use it without coats) bought at a boutique in the neighbourhood; have no idea what the brand is, since they stitch the tag from the store
  • My adorable 20 euro yellow jacket from the Chinese store
  • The white Calzedonia tights and
  • My hippie boots from C&A
  • The sunglasses are by Cortefiel, a Spanish brand I believe.
Well I think that’s all for today. The sun is very hot now and tomorrow and Wednesday they predict a lot of heat (again not normal), which translates into rain and more could the days after!!
Damn weather!!!!


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Miyavi's concert clothes

Since I have the chance, here goes another post.
The clothes we wore for the Miyavi concert (17th of March 2011)!!! the concert was amazing, has I said in a previous post. Just hope more JRockers follow him and come to Portugal too. And that he also returns!
Let’s see if I remember them:
  • Hair band by Stradivarius; was very cheap and it has little bow made of lace.
  • Shirt by Stradivarius; really pretty and fresh
  • Short shorts by Lefties; they have some pretty cute and cool things at very low prices.
  • Tights by Calzedonia
  • Boots (that I love soooooooo much and they are soooooooo old) by C&A
  • The little scarf on my waist I don’t remember where it’s from, but again, countless years.
With me is my lovely (middle) sister Ipa chan!!!

Lioele SunShine Lip Essence

A tiny review since I don’t think there is that much to say about a lipbalm.
Here goes
The always cute and adorable package!!! I totally lose myself over “insignificant” things like these. All the writings and explanations are in Korean and it says “made in Korea”.  The lipbalm, as you can see, has a bit of pink reflexes. Looks really cute. But does it work,, is it good?
And yes, the liquid is pink as well!!!
Well for my lips, it works. It’s no sticky at all, which is a very good thing. Again I can’t tell you the exact smell, something in the line of strawberries and berries. For me, it’s definitely not too strong and when I got it I would apply it constantly because of the smell!!! However that was the only reason, because after applying, it lasts hours. Now, since these things cost money and have to come from afar, I have reduced to what I really need, which is about 3 to 4 times a day. It’s not the best I’ve tried, but I would buy it again. But my lips seem to be a bit softer though. Doesn’t leave the lips with any colour, spite the fact that it’s pink, just leaves them shiny!

Hope this helped.

A long time, I know

I’m so sorry!!!!!!!!! But my computer is coming close to its end and only works for short periods of time, leaving little time to do everything I need to do with the computer. Unfortunately, it will take time until I can buy another one.

For some reason the photo won’t upload the right way, so sorry.
Well this was my long-awaited tartan dress!!! I’ve always wanted one of these. They’re simply gorgeous. So this year I could not resist it and bought one through CLOBBA online store. He’s has a very good service!!!

  • Lovely dress is by Dear Celine: it’s very warm, only suitable for winter of course.
  • Shirt is by Studio Classic, I believe you’ve seen it before.
  • Tights and socks, both black, are by Calzedonia, as usual
  • And the lovely black Aerosoles shoes.
  • On my head, a Bijou Brigitte hairband (already broke but bought a new one)
This is it, for this post. I will make a tiny review on a lipbalm I bought at Pretty and Cute, hopefully still today!