Saturday, 12 March 2011


Quick introduction to the title,
“for many years I used to wear nothing but trousers, all types, short and longer, tighter or elephant like. Every single day, winter or summer (don’t know how I got by the hot summers with trouser, it’s almost unbearable for me now). It started in high school and continued through university. Why? I guess I didn’t feel comfortable with my own appearance.
After I finished uni, things started to change since I had to look presentable to look for a job. Also, for some reason I don’t really understand, my self confidence and self esteem boosted and all of sudden, sexy clothes and showing legs! Bye, bye trousers!
And then for many years I didn’t use trousers until a couple of years ago, when I finally found jeans that fit me like a glove!
Nowadays I use trousers but still mostly skirts and dresses!”
My dear and cute jacket!!!!!!!! I sooooo love it!
My miracle jeans are Pepe Jeans. Those are the darkest and tightest I own, they are just a bit big around the waist, should have bought the smaller size after these.
My Alice in Wonderland long-sleeve t-shirt, so comfortable and warmer than I thought.
My DIESEL sneakers, which make quite an impression (don’t ask me why) on everyone when I use them! Black and gold!

Not the best picture, I seem a bit angry… m(_ _)m


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