Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pretty weekend that did not last!

The weekend was quite good and the weather for the next few days seemed very promising, or not… Yesterday became colder and today when I woke up it really looked like winter again. Clouds and fog, windy and cold. Now the sun is shining but not too bright and the clouds don’t want to go away! Apparently spring has only arrived in the calendar!
From top to bottom:
  •  as always when cold my dear fur coat (it's actually dark green)
  •  my Alice in wonderland long sleeved t shirt (which has appeared before)
  •  Bershka black jeans, tight and cute. I really think they suit me!!!!
  •  non visible (thankfully) knee high red socks
  •  and last but not least, Aerosoles black pumps! I really like them, but unfortunately not the most comfortable shoes I own.
For some reason I don’t look very happy in that picture, wonder why??? And apparently I tried messing with my hair a little since it’s not completely straight.
I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on youtube, but soooooo need more practice. Still I believe my hair looks a bit better nowadays, from some cute tricks I learned!
Thanks a lot!!!!

Almost forgot!!!!!!!!!
Day 2: used the BB cream again on Monday. After my L’Occitane daily facial routine. I’ve been using it with nothing else, just the BB cream and a bit of blush. I got a sample from a base by Lioele but decided to try the BB cream alone to see how my skin reacts to it and what it really does. Didn’t sweat much yesterday and by the end of the day my skin was non-oily. The only part that had a bit of greasiness to it, was where my glasses touch my face, but that is almost impossible to resolve.
Conclusion: Still no break outs from the BB Cream and no oily skin. For some reason (psychological or not) my face seems to be a bit whiter. The tiny pimples I already had don’t look so red, even after I washed my face.

It would be nice if the days turned a bit warmer now that Spring has arrived, but the weather site says it differently. T^T


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