Sunday, 13 March 2011

More lolita!!!!

You’re probably getting tired of my trusty jacket but I can’t help it, I wear it all the time!!!

Oh, look at that! Another lolita onepiece!!!!!!!
This one is from the Chinese brand called INFANTA and it’s gorgeous! A birthday present from my grandmother, last year. Has lots of flowers, the right amount of lace at the bottom as well as the right amount of frills. It’s cotton fabric and short sleeved, it’s supposed to be a summer dress but, as you can see, I also like to use it in hotter winter days. Looks so nice with the brown tights (by Calzedonia, really warm) and I have knee high socks as well (Calzedonia) with little ribbons on the side! Adorable!
I know, I look like a snob when I’m wearing those glasses… everyone stares at me funny, as if I felt I was very important!! Ridiculous. It’s not my fault!!!! I just happen to appear very snob with certain clothes and the sun glasses… really, I’m not!
Almost forgot to mention my very comfy brown shoes by Aerosoles. They are amazing!

Lots of courage to Japan!



  1. I really like those glasses actually, I think people these days never look grand enough!
    I'm a huge fan of Mae West, and I love it when women carry themselves that way!

  2. BTW it's me Pipsy ^ ^
    you can just call me Tam from now on, haha!