Monday, 14 March 2011

Maybelline Falsies mascara review!

Ok, so I will jump! I will try to make my first review of a product that I bought a couple of days ago. No video unfortunately, must get a decent camera. The pictures were taken with my Sonyericsson and my pc inbuilt camera. But it’s just the first to see how thing turn out.

I’ve always loved the cute look that Asian female have in magazines and videos! However, I afraid around here there are not many places for me to buy reliable false lashes. It’s also something people around here don’t use and if they do, they will swear it is all natural!

So I thought I’d start with mascaras and see where they take me. I’ve bought a few many years ago and I would also use the ones my grandmother had, but for many years my look was literally natural. A sparkly faded gloss or a bit of eyeshadow and that was it. I never liked anything that was fake, kind of felt like I was a plastic doll. However a couple of years my opinion changed, especially since you don’t really need a very make up to look pretty. So my search for makeup started again so I’m newbie regarding this matter.

First I got a Sephora mascara that I hated, does not work for me at all, it got all dirty, the brush always came with lots of product, my eyes would stick to the point I almost could not open them!!!! Extremely hard to remove and for watery eyes, forget it. Here it is.
Considering all the commercials around the Maybelline false lashes effect and most of the times they were sold out, I decide to try for myself. Manage to get it last Thursday. This one however is not the original, it’s a new version called Black Drama! I don’t know the difference, I believe this one is even darker it does read “extra black”.
It seems more a bit pinker that the original and there is a lacy print as well. Makes it cute.
It does look curvier, maybe I didn’t catch the right angle but it really is curvier than the picture.
Does it work? Well, that again is quite a personal opinion but I do like the result on me. Apparently my eyelashes aren’t that bad, still makes quite a difference. The pictures aren´t best, I apologize, but maybe you can get an idea.

Me before, please ignore the eyebrows, need to work on them and my hair. Was on the way to the shower.

The after. It doesn't show much on the pictures, but in real life looks so much better.
Maybe this one will show the effect better.
They most definitely, however, do not look like fake lashes, so… that point specifically, it does not work. Still I believe it does a very nice job on mine. I’m very happy with it and will continue to use it!
I bought it at El Corte Ingles, here in Lisbon for 12 euro. I think you can get it for 11 something.

Finished my review and feel a bit accomplished! Please don’t be too harsh, just hope I could help!

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  1. I'm surprised, I always hear good things about the MUFE smoky lash!
    It's too expensive for me here anyway, and can only be found online!
    I don't think we have that maybelline mascara at all here, but I love the colossal!