Sunday, 27 March 2011

Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream review

It’s been a week, so I guess it’s time.
First I will briefly describe my daily routine that consists of 3 L’Occitane products: wash with the rice cleanser; use the rice toner (these rice products are appropriate for oily skin) and in the end use the velvet concentrate cream (apple and almond). Then I use the Skin 79 Lovely girl BB Cream and NOTHING ELSE.

This BB Cream is advertised for older teenagers and young adults, specifically from 17 to 22 years old. I don’t fit in that category anymore (not that far, though) but my skin still has a lot those characteristics… My middle sister basically has a teenager’s skin! So we chose this one for our first time.
                                       This is the package:

It’s adorable. I guess these companies really know how to call out to most girls!
I was scared when I first saw that colour that came out! I really thought it wouldn’t match, it’s quite different from the foundations I’ve tried before.
But it’s a pretty colour. And the colour of my hand is a bit different from my face, they tend to be more dark.
As you can see due to the light, my hand here looks way darker than my real skin tone!!!!
After blended with the skin you can’t tell the difference. The same happens with my face, tough it does seem to have a bit a pinkish undertone that unfortunately isn’t visible in the pictures (so sorry). But nothing too strong. I don’t see much change in the colour throughout the day. It’s always the same.
It’s a bit liquid thought not that easy to spread on to the skin. Not sticky and the smell is very nice, have no idea what it is but it’s very nice and then disappears.

It looks shiny on the skin, no matte finish!!!! Doesn’t look like you face is covered in oil, but a lot of people don’t like that shiny look, so if you’re that kind, forget it! On the description it says it includes “porosity powder” to absorb sebum. But repeat NO MATTE FINISH!!!!!!!!
By the end of the day it does seem to feel like the powder is there.

I bought this mainly for sebum absorption and to see if helped the redness of the skin and who knows even getting rid of a few pimples!

Does it absorb the sebum? YES
Did it help a few of my pimples? They are far from worse and they don’t seem so red!!!!

So far I’ve had NO BREAKOUTS! It doesn’t cover A LOT, but covers enough. My sister has worse skin and after applying it, it looked like she had fewer pimples, they became less red and the next day, they were still the same.
After washing, the skin feels soooooooooooooooooooooooooo soft I couldn’t believe it. The next day it’s still soft!

My skin also seems to be getting lighter!!!! Which I really appreciate!!!!
So I’ve been using it for a week now and I’m very happy with it. Even my family says my skin looks much better.

HOWEVER: on Friday I did not use the rice products. I used a shower gel by Uriage (it’s perfectly safe for the face) and then the velvet concentrate. IT DID NOT CONTROL THE SEBUM SO WELL! Made quite a difference. This means that it does not work on its own SO WE NEED TO FIND COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS THAT WORK ALTOGETHER!

Now, this product was bought online from A LOVELY STORE CALLED PRETTY AND CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! She has amazing products, sent me a sample of a base from Lioele (another brand it sells) and it came so quickly (from US to Portugal), I was very surprised!!!!
OF COURSE I WILL BUY MORE PRODUCTS!!! Already have the list for my next order when April comes along!!!!


Go visit the store, have fun and I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I do!!!


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  1. thanks for the review!
    I'm really interested now!
    I get breakouts around my time of the month and it's such a pain!
    I also like that the finish isn't matte, western products meant for oily skins are always too matte!