Friday, 11 March 2011

Forces of Nature

Today we had to wake early in the morning to take my grandmother to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment. In the end we got ready quickly and decided to check the news and there it was: the earthquake and tsunami! We know not what it feels like around here, it must be horrible and so frightening.
What scares me most where I live are usually the tiny storms with huge lightning falling right in front of us!
Monday we went to drink our mid afternoon coffee, but had to run straight back home.The sky turned soooooooo dark!!!!!!!!!!
Considering what happened two days later… we decided the best option was to go home. Almost half an hour later…
The thunder came again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nothing frightens me most than the FORCES OF NATURE!!! I love NATURE but it’s something I respect a lot and fear.
OMG, apparently this entry has nothing to do with fashion!!!! Bear with me, I will not be talking EXCLUSIVELY about fashion or make up or the sort!
Bits of my life will appear also! 


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