Friday, 11 March 2011


On the last day of January.
A very lacy dress with a very natural colour. Quite romantic I think.
I bought at a local boutique, right here in the neighbourhood. It cost around 60 euro and I have never seen anybody with another one. It’s definitely not unique, but they sell little amounts of each item, normally two of each size so people don’t look like clones!
And it’s such a good idea!!!

The sleeves are entirely sheer and yes, short! I didn’t use short dresses for many years but now I really like them, as long as they are not sleazy and vulgar. Which it is not. “It’s grandma approved” (go ahead and laugh all you want but she has VERY GOOD TASTE!).

The tights belong to CALZEDONIA and the socks are from Stradivarius and gorgeous and adorable and comfortable and warm!

The shoes were also bought at a local store and I have no idea what brand they belong to. Again, my grandmother bought them for her, but they are a bit small and she can’t use them for long periods, so they came to me. Not the most comfortable pumps, they have rubber and are not very high, but not easy to walk in them unfortunately!

All in all, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!! I feel so cute and pretty!

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