Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day 3 e and 4

No picture today!!!!!!
It will be about the BB cream, day 3 and 4 (Tuesday and Wednesday). The truth is there isn’t that much more to say. I’m very happy so far. It continues to absorb the oil from my skin, at the end of the day it sort of feels as if there I have a bit of powder on my face, although the skin is very smooth, like silk. The package does talk about a powdery finish!!!

Oh, something I forgot to talk about is the fact that it doesn’t change the colour throughout the day! BB creams are supposed to oxidize, I really don’t see much difference in the colour after an hour or two, nor even at the end of the day.

I will talk a bit about my sister’s experience because it’s completely different from mine. As I said, I use the BB cream AFTER my L’Occitane routine, which includes a cleansing foam (rice), a toner (rice) and in the end I will use the velvet concentrate (apple and almond).
My sister however, uses the rice fluid in the end and not the velvet cream. Sunday, she decided to use the BB cream right after the toner and her skin was not oily at all by the end of the day.
Yesterday, she used the rice fluid and then the BB cream and it didn’t work as well. Her skin got oily! So it means that what we use before does interfere with the BB cream. More work for us to try and find products that are compatible!!!
So you MUST have that in consideration. It might not be just the BB creams fault, when it doesn’t work!
However in general, her skin seems better when she washes it at the end of the day. And the red pimples also don’t look so red!

I will try to do some swatches (with pictures, sorry but I don’t have anything to film) by next week. I’ve tried before, but the pictures weren’t good enough, you couldn’t see it properly. Although it will never be the same, because the skin on my hands does have a different colour from my face. But I will do my best!

I think I'm done for now! Thanks!


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