Saturday, 12 March 2011


A love affair that started a few years ago and then was left behind due to lack of resources, at that specific time. My sister and I found the original Japanese stores through the internet but… way to much expensive, especially for beginners that didn’t have a defined style. We didn’t know what would look good on us, considering (A VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE, IN MY OPINION) we are not Japanese, we don’t have their tiny bodies that look good in everything, nor those SUPER CUTE expressions (EVEN IF WE DO USE THEIR MAKE UP AND FAKE LASHES). Out of the question, so we gave up.

By the end of 2009 it decided to appear in my life again, so I decided to make another effort to embrace it. This time luck seemed to be on our side and we realized that there were other Asian stores providing lolita clothes and a Japanese brand that was very inexpensive.

The first onepiece my sister and I purchased was from a Chinese brand called Infanta. We got it through a dealer. It was more expensive than the body line ones but they seemed so nice and pretty and even different. Late last year, we finally decided to try bodyline shop. This is the black onepiece I ordered. It’s quite good quality, made entirely of cotton, not very short like most loli dresses are these days and has the print of a kitty close to a window. Quite adorable. Since it’s short sleeved I’m using a tiny cardigan for winter. It’s comfy and I love it!

I believe I’m also using a petti coat underneath it. The skirt seem a bit puffy!
In my VERY OWN AND PERSONAL OPINION, bodyline is a great place to shop for your first loli dress! Since it’s cheap, if you make a mistake and the shape of the dress doesn’t suit you, you haven’t spent much and can always try again.
True, the choice isn’t that much regarding colours or gorgeous prints, but for everyday use until you know which way to go, it’s the best there is! They do have good quality clothing, no matter what everyone says. My grandmother used to do my clothes so she knows what good quality clothing is and can judge if they are well manufactured.
Well, these were my thought as far as loli goes. Any questions, feel free to ask!


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