Sunday, 27 March 2011

Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream review

It’s been a week, so I guess it’s time.
First I will briefly describe my daily routine that consists of 3 L’Occitane products: wash with the rice cleanser; use the rice toner (these rice products are appropriate for oily skin) and in the end use the velvet concentrate cream (apple and almond). Then I use the Skin 79 Lovely girl BB Cream and NOTHING ELSE.

This BB Cream is advertised for older teenagers and young adults, specifically from 17 to 22 years old. I don’t fit in that category anymore (not that far, though) but my skin still has a lot those characteristics… My middle sister basically has a teenager’s skin! So we chose this one for our first time.
                                       This is the package:

It’s adorable. I guess these companies really know how to call out to most girls!
I was scared when I first saw that colour that came out! I really thought it wouldn’t match, it’s quite different from the foundations I’ve tried before.
But it’s a pretty colour. And the colour of my hand is a bit different from my face, they tend to be more dark.
As you can see due to the light, my hand here looks way darker than my real skin tone!!!!
After blended with the skin you can’t tell the difference. The same happens with my face, tough it does seem to have a bit a pinkish undertone that unfortunately isn’t visible in the pictures (so sorry). But nothing too strong. I don’t see much change in the colour throughout the day. It’s always the same.
It’s a bit liquid thought not that easy to spread on to the skin. Not sticky and the smell is very nice, have no idea what it is but it’s very nice and then disappears.

It looks shiny on the skin, no matte finish!!!! Doesn’t look like you face is covered in oil, but a lot of people don’t like that shiny look, so if you’re that kind, forget it! On the description it says it includes “porosity powder” to absorb sebum. But repeat NO MATTE FINISH!!!!!!!!
By the end of the day it does seem to feel like the powder is there.

I bought this mainly for sebum absorption and to see if helped the redness of the skin and who knows even getting rid of a few pimples!

Does it absorb the sebum? YES
Did it help a few of my pimples? They are far from worse and they don’t seem so red!!!!

So far I’ve had NO BREAKOUTS! It doesn’t cover A LOT, but covers enough. My sister has worse skin and after applying it, it looked like she had fewer pimples, they became less red and the next day, they were still the same.
After washing, the skin feels soooooooooooooooooooooooooo soft I couldn’t believe it. The next day it’s still soft!

My skin also seems to be getting lighter!!!! Which I really appreciate!!!!
So I’ve been using it for a week now and I’m very happy with it. Even my family says my skin looks much better.

HOWEVER: on Friday I did not use the rice products. I used a shower gel by Uriage (it’s perfectly safe for the face) and then the velvet concentrate. IT DID NOT CONTROL THE SEBUM SO WELL! Made quite a difference. This means that it does not work on its own SO WE NEED TO FIND COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS THAT WORK ALTOGETHER!

Now, this product was bought online from A LOVELY STORE CALLED PRETTY AND CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! She has amazing products, sent me a sample of a base from Lioele (another brand it sells) and it came so quickly (from US to Portugal), I was very surprised!!!!
OF COURSE I WILL BUY MORE PRODUCTS!!! Already have the list for my next order when April comes along!!!!


Go visit the store, have fun and I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I do!!!


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day 3 e and 4

No picture today!!!!!!
It will be about the BB cream, day 3 and 4 (Tuesday and Wednesday). The truth is there isn’t that much more to say. I’m very happy so far. It continues to absorb the oil from my skin, at the end of the day it sort of feels as if there I have a bit of powder on my face, although the skin is very smooth, like silk. The package does talk about a powdery finish!!!

Oh, something I forgot to talk about is the fact that it doesn’t change the colour throughout the day! BB creams are supposed to oxidize, I really don’t see much difference in the colour after an hour or two, nor even at the end of the day.

I will talk a bit about my sister’s experience because it’s completely different from mine. As I said, I use the BB cream AFTER my L’Occitane routine, which includes a cleansing foam (rice), a toner (rice) and in the end I will use the velvet concentrate (apple and almond).
My sister however, uses the rice fluid in the end and not the velvet cream. Sunday, she decided to use the BB cream right after the toner and her skin was not oily at all by the end of the day.
Yesterday, she used the rice fluid and then the BB cream and it didn’t work as well. Her skin got oily! So it means that what we use before does interfere with the BB cream. More work for us to try and find products that are compatible!!!
So you MUST have that in consideration. It might not be just the BB creams fault, when it doesn’t work!
However in general, her skin seems better when she washes it at the end of the day. And the red pimples also don’t look so red!

I will try to do some swatches (with pictures, sorry but I don’t have anything to film) by next week. I’ve tried before, but the pictures weren’t good enough, you couldn’t see it properly. Although it will never be the same, because the skin on my hands does have a different colour from my face. But I will do my best!

I think I'm done for now! Thanks!


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pretty weekend that did not last!

The weekend was quite good and the weather for the next few days seemed very promising, or not… Yesterday became colder and today when I woke up it really looked like winter again. Clouds and fog, windy and cold. Now the sun is shining but not too bright and the clouds don’t want to go away! Apparently spring has only arrived in the calendar!
From top to bottom:
  •  as always when cold my dear fur coat (it's actually dark green)
  •  my Alice in wonderland long sleeved t shirt (which has appeared before)
  •  Bershka black jeans, tight and cute. I really think they suit me!!!!
  •  non visible (thankfully) knee high red socks
  •  and last but not least, Aerosoles black pumps! I really like them, but unfortunately not the most comfortable shoes I own.
For some reason I don’t look very happy in that picture, wonder why??? And apparently I tried messing with my hair a little since it’s not completely straight.
I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on youtube, but soooooo need more practice. Still I believe my hair looks a bit better nowadays, from some cute tricks I learned!
Thanks a lot!!!!

Almost forgot!!!!!!!!!
Day 2: used the BB cream again on Monday. After my L’Occitane daily facial routine. I’ve been using it with nothing else, just the BB cream and a bit of blush. I got a sample from a base by Lioele but decided to try the BB cream alone to see how my skin reacts to it and what it really does. Didn’t sweat much yesterday and by the end of the day my skin was non-oily. The only part that had a bit of greasiness to it, was where my glasses touch my face, but that is almost impossible to resolve.
Conclusion: Still no break outs from the BB Cream and no oily skin. For some reason (psychological or not) my face seems to be a bit whiter. The tiny pimples I already had don’t look so red, even after I washed my face.

It would be nice if the days turned a bit warmer now that Spring has arrived, but the weather site says it differently. T^T


Monday, 21 March 2011

Fur, Miyavi and BB cream!

On the 1st of March the cold angrily returned!!!!!

The brown dress was bought at El Corte Ingles. Winter dress but short however. No, I can’t bend with it, not that I would, since girls should not do that even when picking something that fell, from the ground. Still, since I use it with very opaque tights, there is no problem whatsoever!
Meanwhile the weather has become warmer for these last few days but will not last…


The package arrived on Friday, but we only got it on Saturday when we returned our mother home. Ipa went upstairs to pick it up and we couldn’t wait to open the box!!!! Yes, just like two little kids on Christmas morning and NO, we are not ashamed! We were very excited to try it the goodies that came inside!
I will make a proper review about it later. Since I’ve only used it twice, it’s still a bit too early to say if it really is good or not and show you the colour and all those things.

Day one (yesterday) we were amazed. FIRST OF ALL we tried it on our hands Saturday afternoon and left it there until we went to bed, to see if there would be any allergic reaction.. There was none (I did panic due to the colour because it seemed to dark. It is not, it blends beautifully). So yesterday we decided to use it on our faces after our daily routine. My sister is like snow white, or worst! It was not dark for her, not even close. Her face was white, but with a healthy glow. It did cover a lot of her pimples. Mine is a bit darker but it still became beautiful!!!! It was very hot day and returning to Lisbon, driving the car with the sun straight at me, it was horrible and sweaty.

Conclusion, no oil on my face when I got home, no oil on my face at night when I went to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first time it has ever happened!!! Let’s just hope it continues to work well!


Monday, 14 March 2011

Maybelline Falsies mascara review!

Ok, so I will jump! I will try to make my first review of a product that I bought a couple of days ago. No video unfortunately, must get a decent camera. The pictures were taken with my Sonyericsson and my pc inbuilt camera. But it’s just the first to see how thing turn out.

I’ve always loved the cute look that Asian female have in magazines and videos! However, I afraid around here there are not many places for me to buy reliable false lashes. It’s also something people around here don’t use and if they do, they will swear it is all natural!

So I thought I’d start with mascaras and see where they take me. I’ve bought a few many years ago and I would also use the ones my grandmother had, but for many years my look was literally natural. A sparkly faded gloss or a bit of eyeshadow and that was it. I never liked anything that was fake, kind of felt like I was a plastic doll. However a couple of years my opinion changed, especially since you don’t really need a very make up to look pretty. So my search for makeup started again so I’m newbie regarding this matter.

First I got a Sephora mascara that I hated, does not work for me at all, it got all dirty, the brush always came with lots of product, my eyes would stick to the point I almost could not open them!!!! Extremely hard to remove and for watery eyes, forget it. Here it is.
Considering all the commercials around the Maybelline false lashes effect and most of the times they were sold out, I decide to try for myself. Manage to get it last Thursday. This one however is not the original, it’s a new version called Black Drama! I don’t know the difference, I believe this one is even darker it does read “extra black”.
It seems more a bit pinker that the original and there is a lacy print as well. Makes it cute.
It does look curvier, maybe I didn’t catch the right angle but it really is curvier than the picture.
Does it work? Well, that again is quite a personal opinion but I do like the result on me. Apparently my eyelashes aren’t that bad, still makes quite a difference. The pictures aren´t best, I apologize, but maybe you can get an idea.

Me before, please ignore the eyebrows, need to work on them and my hair. Was on the way to the shower.

The after. It doesn't show much on the pictures, but in real life looks so much better.
Maybe this one will show the effect better.
They most definitely, however, do not look like fake lashes, so… that point specifically, it does not work. Still I believe it does a very nice job on mine. I’m very happy with it and will continue to use it!
I bought it at El Corte Ingles, here in Lisbon for 12 euro. I think you can get it for 11 something.

Finished my review and feel a bit accomplished! Please don’t be too harsh, just hope I could help!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

More lolita!!!!

You’re probably getting tired of my trusty jacket but I can’t help it, I wear it all the time!!!

Oh, look at that! Another lolita onepiece!!!!!!!
This one is from the Chinese brand called INFANTA and it’s gorgeous! A birthday present from my grandmother, last year. Has lots of flowers, the right amount of lace at the bottom as well as the right amount of frills. It’s cotton fabric and short sleeved, it’s supposed to be a summer dress but, as you can see, I also like to use it in hotter winter days. Looks so nice with the brown tights (by Calzedonia, really warm) and I have knee high socks as well (Calzedonia) with little ribbons on the side! Adorable!
I know, I look like a snob when I’m wearing those glasses… everyone stares at me funny, as if I felt I was very important!! Ridiculous. It’s not my fault!!!! I just happen to appear very snob with certain clothes and the sun glasses… really, I’m not!
Almost forgot to mention my very comfy brown shoes by Aerosoles. They are amazing!

Lots of courage to Japan!


Saturday, 12 March 2011


A love affair that started a few years ago and then was left behind due to lack of resources, at that specific time. My sister and I found the original Japanese stores through the internet but… way to much expensive, especially for beginners that didn’t have a defined style. We didn’t know what would look good on us, considering (A VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE, IN MY OPINION) we are not Japanese, we don’t have their tiny bodies that look good in everything, nor those SUPER CUTE expressions (EVEN IF WE DO USE THEIR MAKE UP AND FAKE LASHES). Out of the question, so we gave up.

By the end of 2009 it decided to appear in my life again, so I decided to make another effort to embrace it. This time luck seemed to be on our side and we realized that there were other Asian stores providing lolita clothes and a Japanese brand that was very inexpensive.

The first onepiece my sister and I purchased was from a Chinese brand called Infanta. We got it through a dealer. It was more expensive than the body line ones but they seemed so nice and pretty and even different. Late last year, we finally decided to try bodyline shop. This is the black onepiece I ordered. It’s quite good quality, made entirely of cotton, not very short like most loli dresses are these days and has the print of a kitty close to a window. Quite adorable. Since it’s short sleeved I’m using a tiny cardigan for winter. It’s comfy and I love it!

I believe I’m also using a petti coat underneath it. The skirt seem a bit puffy!
In my VERY OWN AND PERSONAL OPINION, bodyline is a great place to shop for your first loli dress! Since it’s cheap, if you make a mistake and the shape of the dress doesn’t suit you, you haven’t spent much and can always try again.
True, the choice isn’t that much regarding colours or gorgeous prints, but for everyday use until you know which way to go, it’s the best there is! They do have good quality clothing, no matter what everyone says. My grandmother used to do my clothes so she knows what good quality clothing is and can judge if they are well manufactured.
Well, these were my thought as far as loli goes. Any questions, feel free to ask!