Monday, 14 November 2011

Nailstickers - Tips review 2

They only lasted me 2 days without any flaw. Parts of the stickers started to tear apart very quickly. I was disappointed at that. I always use gloves when washing my hair and taking showers because of hot water, or even doing the dishes. It was the first time that something like this only lasted for such little amount of time!!!

But worst came along. Since my tips were much narrower I ended up breaking two of them on the right hand and there is a third one in line! 
Broke these two, they have grown a bit and I’m shaping them carefully to their original size. I know the thumb looks very weird in that picture, in real life it doesn’t look that bad and it will grow in time.
Still don’t know how I’m going to fix this one. Should I just cut it right off or wait a bit longer and try working with the nail file??? I have no idea…
Conclusion: I’m sure I won’t be using those tips anymore!!! Shame because they really look awesome…
And now my nails feel naked, no colour, no stickers, no nothing. Hoping they will become a bit better to attack them again!



Nailstickers - Tips review 1

Today I bring you nail stickers! I’m a very big fan of nail stickers for a very simple reason: easy to use and looks great! Not to mention it takes much less time and you can still use your imagination.
I have a nice collection with all shapes and sizes but found these new stickers at a Chinese store. They are to be used on the tips of your nails. Quite handy I thought, considering I’m lousy at french manicure. So I bought a few different ones thinking everything would go just fine. There was something however I did not notice: they are very narrow and my nails are bit wider. But nothing that could not be solved, there are nail files to shape them to the right form.

So I had to let them grow long to shape the tips, just the tips, until they got to the right size. It worked perfectly and I was able to stick the stickers to my nails without any bit of white showing underneath the black.
Well these were not as easy to use!!!! It was quite hard to get them in the right place. Some got a bit crooked and the edges weren’t exactly perfect… the first time is always harder until you get use to things. The glue was not too good, they did not stick too well so I lost count of the top coats I applyed! I used a pink glittery nail polish underneath. Though I’m not sure that was a valid reason for the glue not to stick, I always use base and then colour before applying any sticker.
This was the result. 
They do look pretty and cute and cool but… (on to the next) 

Sunscreen Mentholatum and OMI Japan 5

Here is the picture regarding the proof about the sunscreen.
At this point I hadn’t been using the sunscreen for a few days, but as you can see (or not so much; I’m sorry. But my sister is very snow white) our shade is basically the same. Her arm isn’t whiter than mine just a different white. It works! Yay!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

May the 18th. OOTD

I know… OLD! It’s October already!

Apparently it was still cold enough to use this:

  • Liz Lisa (リズリサ) one piece! Actually shorts on the bottom, it’s not exactly a dress… it’s called rompers, right? Sooooooooooooo immensely comfortable!!!! And warm. They look adorable, if you don’t mind me saying so, and no wind will be any trouble with these! They were sold as a winter item, so I can’t wait for the weather to cool down a bit to use them again! Bought through CLOBBA online.  No, I am not ashamed! Things are very hard around here and getting worst!

  • Tiny cute boots! The soles are not wood, something similar so they are not heavy at all. Perfect for walking around, just don’t run the marathon with them. Well… I certainly can’t!

  • Head piece by Parfois. Lovely and will look good with almost everything.

CLOBBA has been really good. Things are cheaper and by no means, regarding the items I already own, is the quality inferior. Actually it’s exactly the same, since their factories are in China anyway and the fabrics are the same.  And their winter collection is so pretty and cute and British and I LOVE British!!!!


Sunscreen Mentholatum and OMI Japan 4

So the OMI one came along. Contains 40ml, the bottle seems to be almost twice the size. I bought two, afraid that they would also disappear. This one lasted me for a bit more than a month, covering the same body parts. Again it dried my skin a lot, which I compensate with my Avon hand cream. This time my arm started to look a bit whiter! But don’t forget that I had used another one for a month!
Given this situation I can’t tell you which one works better. My personal opinion is all I can provide: I do like the OMI better. The bottle has more product, last longer and costs a bit less. And the truth is, this was the one that I was able “measured” the results and see for myself, comparing with my sister. She is very fair, but gained a bit of colour during the summer and last weekend we compared our arms and mine were quite a bit whiter.
Did it work? Most certainly did and very well indeed!
I’m still using the second OMI bottle sine it’s still hot and the sun still burns. However when the bottle ends I don’t think I will be using it during the cold weather, though.
I know it’s a bit ridiculous not to have any photos of the before and after, but I really did not think of the review when I started using it… I can try and take a picture with my sister to see the difference in our arms. I think it will help, she used no sunscreen at all during the summer and again she got just a tiny bit of colour, she is milky white!
Thanks everyone, hope this helped even without the “evidences”. But I would write something like this if it wasn’t true! Feel free to ask any questions!
P.S. – They have a few different items on their site now, from both brands. But none says they have whitening properties, however the OMI ones seem interesting. Will leave you the links so you can check as well and give your opinion!
As you can see this one is alcohol free, contrary to the others and it’s specific for the face (the others worked for your entire body)

Really want to try this one!!! Seems very good and paraben-free! Must work well for winter!

Sunscreen Mentholatum and OMI Japan 3

Mentholatum lasted me for about a month, using it on my face, neck and bust line, arms and shoulders, ONCE a day. It contains 26ml of milky lotion. Always shake it before using it. DRYED my skin quite a bit! Since I have oily skin on my face, it’s actually very good, however for my already dry hands and arms not so good. That means apply a hand cream that’s very hydrating after and it will balance. At least it’s working for me that way.

Did it work? After a month I did not get darker. I use the car a lot and most of the times the sun always hits my left arm. It did not become darker, nor did my face. However, I did not notice it becoming whiter. After a month, more or less I decided I should give it another try, continuing “the treatment”. Sometimes it takes a while to actually DO something and see results.
And finally part 4... 

Sunscreen Mentholatum and OMI Japan 2

The similarities are:
The consistency of the liquid itself and its colour.  They both look like milk and are very liquid.  
The smell is also the same, except the OMI is stronger. I can’t tell you what they smell like exactly because there is no way to describe it, but none of those fruity and lovely smells. My nose handled it very well.
Both have alcohol. Since the OMI has a stronger smell the alcohol is also more noticeable. I don’t know the percentage, but my skin made no reaction to it either. 

Sunscrren Mentholatum and OMI Japan 1

Here again!
How is everyone doing? This post will be a review about two Japanese sunscreen lotions I have tried since late June, if I’m not mistaken. They also claim to have whitening properties being the reason I bought them, since here there are no whitening lotion, they do the VERY OPPOSITE!

Both were bought from on ebey. Unfortunately both of them are out and I really can’t find the equivalents! I don’t know if they will be reposted for sale or not…

This first one I tried is by Mentholatum (ROTHO). Everything is in Japanese.

This one is by OMI Japan. The reason I got it was because I couldn’t find the new version of the Mentholatum so searched for another one that was wallet friendly as well. I bought two bottles because they were a bit cheaper (around 2 euro) and they have a bit more.
On to the next part... 

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Strawberry cleanser 2

Characteristics: smells like strawberry, however, far from the intense smell the masks have. I believe no one would have any problem with this cleanser. 
The texture is very soft, it doesn’t look that way, but it is. On the picture you can tiny red dots and there is one on the little spoon for clearer view. They seem to act as a scrub while it cleans. Again very soft, not rough on the skin at all! 
Will leave your skin a bit dry, I have it oily, so I guess it helps. But moisturizer is very much needed after cleaning with this product. I can’t tell you that it’s appropriate for dry skin anyway, because I don’t know! All I can tell you is that after applying some moisturizer, no dry skin feeling at all. 
I use it twice a day, morning and night. Removes base and powdery foundations pretty well. At least the ones I have.
My usage method:
Splash face with a lot of water.
Dry my hands and take no mere that this amount:
Massage face and rinse with water again!
Simple, everyone knows how to do this, it’s basic. The reason I dry my hands is so the product doesn’t get absorbed by the water in my hands. Thus I don’t have to use as much product. You might feel the tendency to use more product because it makes no lather (I hope it's the right word. i did search the internet!) like soap for example. If your face becomes white, all covered with product, then it’s the right amount!
Conclusion: my face looks and feels better, seem to be brighter, don’t have as many pimples and red areas. No allergic reaction whatsoever
I recommend this to everyone!!!! Have nothing bad to say about this product, only to be careful and resist the temptation to eat, even a tiny bit!!!!
Hope I forgot nothing. 
Feel free to ask any questions! 
With not much more to say...

Strawberry Cleanser 1

Hey everyone!!!
Yes, I know, neglecting this blog!
So toady I will be making a review about the strawberry “ice cream” cleanser.
When I bought the lovely strawberry box with the masks and cleanser, I had my eyes set on the masks themselves, the cleanser was a cute addition. The cleanser however, after all this time, has proven to be more than just a cute offer.
Presentation: simply adorable, as usual. I have written in the last post that it might become a bit dangerous. As you can see, it looks like ice cream. If anyone has kids, be very careful! When you open the box, it doesn’t get any better because it still looks and smells like ice cream! I have to fight the urge to eat it every time I wash my face. Still I thought this was just simply cute, wouldn’t do much. I was kind of getting ready to buy a real cleanser sooner or later!
I’m sorry for taking all this time to write this review but I thought it would be good to try it out for a while to see what kind of results it would bring. I was very surprised. In a good way!
So, is it good? Yes it is!
Please be so kind to follow to the next post... 


Monday, 11 July 2011

Strawberry package! 2

The whole box brings 10 items.
4 aloe vera masks
4 strawberry masks
2 strawberry facial cleansers (different sizes, one of them is smaller, travel size)
4 of each, the ones that you can see through the box are the strawberry ones, the aloe are under them.

The two cleansers. A big one and the travel sized one, which I took to my other house, prevents from carrying them back and forth. They are exactly the same product, it’s just the size that changes.

Yes, it’s presented as ice cream!!!!! Again dangerous even for adults in my personal opinion, considering it smells really good and as I will show you DOES look like ice cream. Every time I wash my face, I must remind myself that IT’S NOT food!!!!!!!!

Please tell me I’m not crazy when I feel the urge to eat a bit!!!! It really looks delicious, right???? I mean, it even has a little spoon!!! 
The smell is not as strong as the masks, but it’s very pleasant. Those tiny red dots give a feeling of exfoliating your face. 
But I will make a proper review. Just wanted to show the lovely product I got for a VERY GOOD PRICE!!!! It costs 20 US dollars. With the shipping costs I paid around 20 euro, more or less. SO yes, I’m pretty pleased!!!!! 
I will again THANK TAM CHAN!!! You have been an amazing friend! She introduced me to this store .

It has a lot of choice from really great brands, from cheaper to luxury goods! Still when I say cheaper, by no means are they of less quality. However, they do sell most things cheaper than other stores. I don’t like to badmouth people, but I’ve seen huge differences on prices for this strawberry package I bought! I recommend this store, as the lovely Tam chan did for me. And they were fast! A week and half, including the weekend.
So for now this is it! THANKS AGAIN TAM CHAN!!!



Strawberry package! 1

Better late than never!!!
Will be divided into more than one post because of layout.
    My strawberry package has arrived and already been put to very good use!!!!!! Could not be happier!!!
Took the picture just for reference. It's all written in Chinese. No English instructions on this box. It also presents all the contents of the box as well as the ingredients.

Again the list of the content with pictures. It’s presented as food which is adorable but dangerous if a kid happens to pick this up! But it’s adorable and I think original!
Contents on the next post…

Friday, 1 July 2011

Liz Lisa

Happy, happy!
Got my dresses and got my order from alphabeautyuk!!!! Well the package is still at my sister’s house but it’s already safe!!!!!
One of them was a surprise from my sister and my mother. I ordered the brown one and got the gorgeous white as birthday present!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Now for my Liz Lisa dresses!!!

This is the one I ordered. I really liked the brown and have nothing in this colour for the summer so I thought this was a good choice! However, when I got it I realized that the dress itself is black filled with flowers and the lace part is brown! It’s a really pretty mix of colours!!!
The surprise dress!!! HOW GORGEOUS IS IT, RIGHT! I wanted to buy this one as well later on, so they surprised me! I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! Lovely colours and the lace is so pretty. I think it is really romantic!!
Love them of course, they are so gorgeous!!! 
The fabric is amazing and not as warm as I thought. The brown one can be washed without ironing but the white NEEDS the iron. And yes they are PRETTY SHORT!!!!!!!! I have to walk straight!!!


OOTD still from April...

Apparently did not posted a lot of picture on the ameblo with my outfits!

  • White shirt from BERSHKA
  • Lacey vest from the Chinese store (saw the exact same vest at a brand store around 5 times what this one cost me!)
  • Pepe jeans jeans.
  • And sandals from BERSHKA as well. They are really cute, not high, however they are not very comfortable.


Monday, 20 June 2011

Mask - My Beauty Diary Strawberry 4

4 apparently!!!!!! With links at the end!
I love them, am addicted to these three masks! I only use them twice a week although I think you can use them almost every day, but although they have a lovely price, it’s still too much to buy them for everyday use. I went around a month without them and was going literally crazy, that’s how well they work and how good they make your skin feel!

I really want to order the boxes of ten sheets now, but first will order a cute and very affordable special pack they have on alphabeautyuk: 4 sheets of strawberry yogurt+4 sheets of aloe (convenient because my grandmother can try these) and 2 jars of cleanser (which I’m now dying to try).

By the way, the BB Cream still works wonders and when I spent almost a month without using it, to see what would happen, my skin got more breakouts and even my grandmother asked if had run out of the product. Still, I’m going to try a different BB cream this time. At first I thought about Kanebo, but now I’m going to try SkinFood, I’ve heard wonders from people that use that brand, all over the internet.

Pretty and Cute:

I have already placed the order from the second store, however I have no idea how will the service be. This store was given to me by a VERY DEAR FRIEND, that I met on poupee girl, and she never had any problems with that store. I live in Portugal, she lives in the UK, so will see. Hopefully it will go well. I CAN'T WAIT!

The link for the product I order, just in case someone might want to take a peek!!

Thanks everyone!!!

Mask - My Beauty Diary Strawberry 3

You place the mask on your face like this.
I don’t have videos, as you know, but anyone can see how to put the mask on their face. It’s easy with the holes!!! You can’t miss! It’s wrinkled because it’s a bit too big but does the job anyway, the liquid is there! I have to readjust it around the nose and upper lip area because it tends to slip a little. But not a problem and that’s why I always have a towel around my neck to also clean my hands when touching the mask.

No before and after photo because of bad lighting in the house (so sorry), no difference would be noticeable (I have tried it before). So you will have to take my word for it!!! It’s very good, my face did look brighter even my grandmother noticed it and was amazed and now wants masks for her skin type!!! So they work wonders and it’s something you can see right away, which I find very comforting.

After 30 minutes remove it and you can still feel your face filled with the product. Instead of just letting the skin absorb it by itself I massage my whole face and neck (you can add the rest of the liquid still inside the package) until it becomes sticky, yes sticky! When that happens I stop, wait a couple o seconds and voila: you skin smooth and bright!!! And NO stickiness!!!!!! There are cases where the mask will become almost dry by the end of the 30 minutes, however not on my case.

Demonstration finnish, final words on next and last post!!!!